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The growing Oklahoma Winery and Vineyard Industry has prompted many of our visitors to request more detailed information on winery visits, wine tasting tips and food & wine pairings.  "Every bottle of wine is like a journey, so it is best to know where you are going and to travel with friends." On this page we have tried to share some tips and resources to help you make the most of your wine tasting opportunities.

The idea behind wine tasting is as simple as this. Slow down, relax and take the time to think about what you're drinking. 

SAFETY TIP: Have a Designated Driver. It goes without saying that wines are alcoholic beverages and deserve respect. The average tasting room offers 5 or 6 wines that end up equaling a glass of wine at each winery. If you visit four wineries that is roughly the same as four glasses of wine. This is the major benefit of the bus and limousine tours - no driving. Our winery usually offers around two dozen wines for visitors to taste! We try to make something for everyone.

Oklahoma Wine Event Photos

Harwelden Mansion - "Tastes from Around the World"

This charitable event was held to benefit a gifted kids school run by the University of Tulsa.  Lots of folks turned out on February 28, 2004 to help out, here are some of the pictures from that event.

Harwelden Mansion Picture One 2004 We took 3 pictures of Harwelden Mansion upon arrival. Harwelden Mansion Picture Two 2004 Harwelden is one of several historic Tulsa buildings I love to visit.
Harwelden Mansion Picture Three 2004 The mansion is a popular spot for weddings and other romantic events. Dianne Jones from VineByDesign.com My wife Dianne often attends these events to give folks a taste of Nuyaka Creek wines.
Tastes from Around the World Guests picture Everyone seemed to have a great time. These folks were nice enough to take a picture of Dianne and I together. Thomas And Dianne Jones from Nuyaka Creek Winery We poured four excellent wines that night, but the Peach Mist won the day, as usual.
Tidal School Vineyards at Harwelden Not to be outdone, Tidal School Vineyards (left) was there pouring their Oklahoma wines and Stone Bluff Cellars made an appearance as well.

If you would like to learn more about this event and others like it, check out the Oklahoma Wine News blog.


General Wine Tasting Tips 

1. Start by holding your tasting glass up to the light to observe its color and its texture (or weight).

2. Next swirl the wine around in your tasting glass. Observe the streaks of wine (legs) as they roll down the side of the glass. The legs can help you determine the body of the wine. The swirling will also allow the aroma of the wine to be released into the air. Stick your nose right down into the glass to detect the fragrances being released. 

Never underestimate the importance of smell. We actually smell most of the things that we think we taste. Our taste-buds can discern only five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. OK, that last one is a little controversial.  The fact is, the human nose is capable of discerning thousands of subtle variation of scents, distilling sensations even from the recesses of memory.

3. Slowly and carefully taste the wine making sure it comes in contact with each part of your tongue (the tip, the sides, the center and the back). Each part of your tongue specializes in a different taste sensation so it is important to slurp the wine around in your mouth so that each part of your tongue gets a turn to taste. 

It's okay to dump wine after you have tasted it. All tasting rooms have dump buckets and if you don't see one, ask the tasting room to dump it for you. Some prefer to spit after tasting. It sounds rude, but if you are planning to visit several wineries, it will help you keep your senses clear.

There are no right or wrong descriptions of how a wine tastes or smells. Just like meeting new people, you have to meet them for yourself, to really know them. The opinions of others are little help.  Everyone's palate is as unique and different as each individual. Want to learn more? Any one of the wine magazines in the wine magazine gift guide below, or the wine books we list make a good start and of course visit some Oklahoma wineries! Visit Oklahoma Wine News Blog Daily and never miss another Oklahoma wine tasting event.



Food & Wine magazine will provide you with the best in recipes, menus, entertainment tips, wine reviews, ideas on pairing wine and food, and articles about innovators in the food world. 


Robert Parker, the founder of Wine Advocate, is the leading consumer analyst for the wine industry. Anyone serious about wine should subscribe to the Wine Advocate.

Wine Advocate is a serious magazine that looks more like a trade publication or hobbyist's classified page. There are no photographs, illustrations, advertisements, or lifestyle articles. Ever. It suits the magazine well, however, and no one ever levels the same criticisms that are hurled at Wine Spectator (e.g., advertising skews the ratings, numerous vapid articles). The beige pages are filled with enticing reviews and vintage summaries.


Wine Spectator is an enjoyable magazine that's well-laid out and often interesting to read. However, it mainly focuses on pricey wines, and the articles about wine-related subjects like matching cheese with wine are sometimes lacking in depth. Still, it's a pleasant magazine which immerses its readers in the culture of wine, and each issue does highlight a few modestly-priced wines.  




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Nuyaka Creek Winery 2017

Get the latest events and news about all of Oklahoma's wineries and some great wine industry news from the Oklahoma Wine News.  A daily updated list of Oklahoma wine tastings and winery openings, industry facts, alcohol regulatory changes, vineyard management & enology classes all in a handy news feed format.

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Nuyaka Creek Winery 2017

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