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A long history of winemaking in Oklahoma....

Northeastern Oklahoma's Green Country provides a wonderful environment for growing the finest wine grapes. Our winery is surrounded by pecan and fruit trees, well stocked fishing ponds and an abundance of wildlife. Our vineyard includes classic wine grapes, native wild fruits and a mature orchard. You will have an opportunity to see wildlife and nature undisturbed. Expect "down home" friendliness and comfort with uptown excellence in wine. Our family wants you to relax and enjoy the visit, as well as the wine.  

We have been making wine in this part of Northeastern, Oklahoma for several generations.  Prohibition broke the back of this burgeoning wine industry decades ago.  With your support, we are bringing it back! Have a look at our wine list to see the diverse range of wines we produce. Interested in learning more about ALL Oklahoma wineries?  Visit our award-winning wine blog: Oklahoma Wine News.


We believe that the growing wine and vineyard industry in Oklahoma has the potential to provide a wealth of benefits for the farmers and citizen's of our state. 

Visit us if you are interested in learning more about new opportunities for commercial wine grape production in Oklahoma or selling your fruit to make Oklahoma wine.  We are eager to buy Oklahoma fruit to make our Oklahoma wines. 

We host two wine festivals annually, so don't be a stranger. Trying your hand at home winemaking?  Nuyaka Creek Winery can help with advice, supplies, even winemaking kits.



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Nuyaka Creek Winery is not "on-the-way". 

It is small and hard to find, but worth the trip for wine. 
To savor the wine and the time, to sit on the rocks sipping 
unique vintages that may be gone next visit. 

Enjoy the quiet country, fountain flowing, frogs croaking, birds chirping. 
Come make friends, share a laugh or two and savor hand-crafted 
wines done in a natural, loving, country style for friends, 
at Nuyaka Creek Winery.

*FYI* The name "Nuyaka" is a Creek Indian corruption for "New Yorker Town", a Creek town in Alabama.


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"It is widely held that too much wine will dull a manís desire. Indeed it will - in a dull man." John Osborne

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