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Club Meetings and Events...

Enjoy Fun Events and Club Meetings at Nuyaka Creek Winery

Nuyaka Creek Winery offers a beautiful, pet friendly setting for your next club meeting.
Enjoy views of the vineyard combined with self-paced winery tours, and a
sit-down with your friends for a wine tasting of world-class Oklahoma wines. 

One summer day we were honored with a visit from The Model-T Ford Club of Tulsa!

 Charge of the Model-T Fords - A photo finish for second place!                       Model-T Ford Club of Tulsa, Oklahoma Logo 
The Model-T Ford Club of Tulsa  

A great group of folks devoted to the preservation and restoration of the Model T Ford; The development of a greater appreciation of the historical significance of the Model T Ford; and enjoying the romantic lore and the fellowship of bygone days. 

Model-T Ford Pickup - The toast of the vineyards!


To capture the exceptional character of the Oklahoma wine country at your next event, take the scenic and twisty roads to Nuyaka Creek! You will find the informative vineyard tours and delightful wine tastings! Visitors are always welcome to enjoy a casual picnic or cookout or contact us in advance to arrange for catering.

Natura Winery (Out-of-business) was just 15 minutes away and it is still an easy drive for you to visit either Stone Bluff or Tidal School Vineyards while you are here. Visit the Oklahoma Wine News for Oklahoma wine events info.

Yellow Model-T Ford - Everybody loves a ragtop!

I sure hope they come back and see us again!

Henry Ford's Model-T

Henry Ford's Model T was different from all other cars being made because Mr. Ford found a way to make his car affordable. The Model T Ford changed America through the assembly line. Auto makers were selling their cars for $5000 each, leaving only the wealthy to afford them. By using a moving assembly line and interchangeable parts, Henry Ford was able to mass produce his Model T's and sell them for just $850. This was less than a wagon and team of horses cost at the time. 

Another way that Henry Ford was able to sell his cars for less money than other auto manufacturers, was by breaking the patent issued to George Baldwin Selden. His patent for the internal combustion engine in 1895 forced all auto makers to pay him money to make cars with gasoline engines. Henry Ford fought Selden in court and broke his patent!

The Model T Ford, Tin Lizzy or Flivver was a simple but rugged car. Whether it was built as a roadster, a coupe, and a touring car... the engine was only twenty horsepower and the color was always black. Some Model T's were even stripped down and made into race cars called speedsters.

The Model T was not just used for personal transportation; it was also used as a delivery truck for light industry, an ambulance during World War I, and as farm equipment. By taking off the back wheel, the Model T could also be used to turn a saw blade. Another way the Model T was used was to make the back seat into a pick-up bed. 

Oklahoma Wine Country...it ain't no hard drive if you have a good car!

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Relax in the Country...

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"Why do strong arms fatigue themselves with frivolous dumbbells? 
To dig a vineyard is worthier exercise for men." --
Marcus Valerius Martial Latin Poet

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