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You will find a wealth of winemaking and vineyard management information in the vineyard and wine books below.  Use these bargain wine books to start your own personal vintner's library or as a vintner's gift guide. 

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  General Viticulture

An excellent general reference on U.S. grape growing practices and common problems, written by experts in the field. It is a well written technical book with many black and white photos and a good bibliography.



From Vines to Wines : The Complete Guide

Root to glass instructions on how to plan your vineyard, plant your grape vines, prune your vines, build a trellis, harvest the grapes and make your own wines.


Introduction to Knowledge Management: KM in Business  
by Todd R. Groff, Thomas P. Jones
Publication Date: 20 June 2003

bulletEasy to read, user-friendly guide to improving your business
bulletFull of practical applications for business professionals
bulletAn Online Instructor’s Guide is available, with power point slides, case studies, exercises and review questions.
bulletExcellent supplemental text for a business course

"As someone who has struggled to manage change in several large organizations, I am very excited about the powerful techniques in this textbook for increasing business agility and empowering knowledge workers."  - Wayne Anderson, Senior Vice President, Service Management, Sabre Inc.    

"...The book nicely serves as an introduction to both the technical and behavioral sides of KM for those newly acquainted with the process." -- Lorri Zipperer, reviewer for the newsletter Biofeedback Volume 29, Number 2 - Special Libraries Association.  See Full Review

“This systemically organized, innovative and well-written book astutely integrates content, technology and problem-solving into a learning tool that sets the standard for maximizing learning in an arena that is continuously bombarded with interventions that compete for each learner's attention."
Robert E. Klabenes, President, Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee


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"The best use of bad wine is to drive away poor relations." -- French Proverb 

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